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Charcoal Bar Soap

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Our simple bar of soap might look humble, but at Preston, every detail is designed with intention. The velvety lather and detoxifying charcoal in our plant-based formulation elevate your daily routine. Preston's packaging exudes a timeless elegance, reflecting the taste of the modern man. Preston knows that a product's impact extends beyond its contents—it becomes a statement, a home accessory, a symbol of one’s discerning taste and unwavering commitment to self-care.

Amber Fragrance: Amber, White Musk, Tea Leaves, Citrus, Sea Salt, Lavender. Unique and clean. Fresh, but destined to be a classic.

Leather Fragrance: Patchouli, Tobacco, Bourbon, Leather, Bergamot, Brandied Apple. Confident, timeless, bold, distinguished.

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